How To Read The Charts

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How To Read The Charts

Post  Adric on Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:16 pm

I type these charts is a manner to make it extremely easy for you to understand. With any given chart, the guidelines will be the same. The charts are simple. Here is an example taken from a Top 10......

LAST WEEK / THIS WEEK / TITLE / ARTIST(S)  This is the format that I find easiest to use.

13 10 --- We Don't Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard
9 9 --- Ladies Night - Kool & The Gang
22 8 --- Coward Of The County - Kenny Rogers
5 7 --- Still - The Commodores *
3 6 --- Babe - Styx **
6 5 --- Do That To Me One More Time - The Captain & Tennille
4 4 --- Send One Your Love - Stevie Wonder
11 3 --- Rock With You - Michael Jackson
1 2 --- Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes **
2 1 --- Please Don't Go - K.C. & The Sunshine Band *

  Wink  Now that the basics are covered, here are few more things to make adventuring the charts a simpler task.....

  You will see (*'s) at the end of some of the songs. These represent that the song itself peaked at #1. Depending on how many *'s the song has will tell you how many weeks it maintained the top spot.

   (NEW) represents the song's first week on the chart. It is a debut .... duh.  cyclops

   (RE)  stands for (RE-ENTRY). This is a song that dropped off of the chart only to come back at a later date.

   (Dropouts) --- These will start off each individual chart. For every new song that enters on any given week, a song must drop out. On the week that it bares farewell, I will have a set of numbers behind them. Here is an example....

    Head Games - Foreigner  ( 14(3) / 9)

   This means that Head Games peaked at #14. It spent a total of three weeks at that peak. The number 9 tells you that the song spent nine weeks on the chart. Pretty simple, huh?   elephant

   Note --- These charts are compiled from the original Billboard Singles Charts. While Billboard does the entire Hot 100, I am breaking it down into a Top 40 (as Casey Kasem & Shadoe Stevens did). A song that is NEW in the Top 40 doesn't mean that it is new to the Hot 100.
               I am starting this forum with my favorite decade of the 80's. This is the decade that got me hooked on charting music. I will update in order until I reach the current date ... yes I mean, today lol. This will be extremely time consuming, yet fun to do. Please know that I will update as often as I can. Once I finally get caught up to date, I plan to delve back into the 50's era and work my up throughout the 70's. Please be patient and bear with me. If I bring a smile to someone's face or bring back a fantastic memory, I've accomplished my goal. Happy Charting!  geek

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