Coming in early Feb. 2017 (hopefully sooner)

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Coming in early Feb. 2017 (hopefully sooner)

Post  Adric on Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:20 pm

Looking at early February and will start adding to this section. Here, I'll be posting an A-Z list of every artist who has ever hit The Top 40, followed by each singles, peak positions, dates etc etc. I hope that this will become a great reference for anyone searching for a particular song or artist(s). As you can imagine, this will involve a LOT of typing and actually can't wait to get started. Currently, I'm recovering from a sprained wrist and have carpal tunnel on the other limb, so haven't been able to start as early as I would have liked. Hope you will enjoy this section and will be adding to it as often as time allows. Kindest regards~

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