Singing the Blues

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Re: Singing the Blues

Post  misery guts on Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:53 am

Our Musical History - Blues & Beyond, with Cerys Matthews & Val Wilmer
The former is the Catatonia frontwoman who presents a radio show about Blues, the latter a noted photographer who met and snapped many of the greats. They started with Sister Rosetta Tharpe, championed Champion Jack Dupree, made space for Victoria Spivey, Son House and Ali Farka Toure, and were sure to include the usual suspects.

Music Icons: Chuck Berry
Born in October 1926 in St Louis to a middle class family, he was jailed as a teenager for armed robbery. He formed a vocal quartet in reform school, and got married on release. He learned his music craft whilst working several jobs. He was inspired by T-Bone Walker. He brought blues, pop and country together to create rock & roll. Muddy Waters recommended him to Chess Records. Maybellene got the ball rolling, then there was Roll Over Beethoven and Johnny B Goode. He tried movies. Then he did Sweet Little Sixteen. His wife left him over a row about a teenager. Despite these setbacks, and getting ripped off by the Beach Boys, he produced No Particular Place To Go, You Never Can Tell and more. He moved to Mercury Records. The IRS hassled him. He joined the R&R Hall of Fame in 1986. His final album came out in 2016, and he died in 2017.
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